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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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problems. this didn't change the text. it's into tomorrow morning. coastal flood warning jersey shore and a coastal flood advisory elsewhere. north and east. here comes another one that will get fired off the east coast. that will slide to the south and east and bring the next chance of occasional light snow around here. the heavier will be across central and southern new jersey. light snow tomorrow into wednesday. at the end of the week, we'll have the coldest air of the season. with the next system, this is by wednesday morning. notice the jackpot, 4 to 7 inches southern new jersey. back to you. steve: we're in winter now. for the second time, eastern long island taking the brunt of the storm. jodi goldberg brings our coverage from huntington, suffolk county. >> reporter: this is a teacher and he's had enough.
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a mild winter. it was very warm. now it feels like every day we're getting hit with another blizzard. >> reporter: this time it's not a blizzard but conditions haven't made getting around easy. fallen lines and icy roads created dangerous driving. >> put the wire back up if we can. if not, we backfeed it to pick up the outages. they do a permanent repair. >> they're trying to repair outages as they come in snead of waiting for the snow to stop. this lineman tells us the wind isn't as big of an issue as the ice. >> weighs the wires down, trees come down. >> reporter: it's a tough job during big storms. crews can work 16 on, eight off. homeowners can help by pruning trees throughout the year. >> when the trees come down, it makes everything more complicated because it can take the wire, poles down. it's more work. >> reporter: people may not like the snow, but at the end of the day, it's winter in the
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>> the snow here, i'm from connecticut, this doesn't bother us at all. >> you can't do nothing. >> can't wait for spring. >> reporter: 40 more days and the counting. jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. dari: parts of queens also were flooded today. a combo of high tide and the storm causing major problems near the coast. stacey delikat is live in far rockaway with more on that. >> reporter: the high tide came in about 8:30, 9:00 this morning. people say there were several feet of water on the streets. that receded about 3:30 this afternoon. you can see behind me it's starting to dry out. the sewer is trying to get down the last of it. a lot of people in this neighborhood tell us the flooding this morning was as bad as they've seen it since sandy. flooded basements, submerged cars and impassable streets. this farrock away neighborhood is used to flooding, but this morning's was the worst in a while. >> drastic out here.
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my knees. i'm 6-8. >> this was unusual high. >> this is the worst we've seen since sandy. so once you think you're getting over something, it comes right back again. >> reporter: this ground floor office got several inches of water. they feared the pricey computer equipment was ruined. next door, water knocked out the boiler. >> the heat was shut down, the hot water isn't there. >> reporter: because the boiler was destroyed. >> yes. >> reporter: across the street, the flood waters were making kids sick. >> the sewage came in. the beach water came in. there was snails, all types of bugs coming with the water. >> reporter: the flooding peaked around 9:00 this morning at high tide as the storm moved in forcing some to get creative to stay dry. others put on gear and got to work trying to unclog the sewers in hopes the water would recede. >> we're waiting for the water to go down.
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all of the drains are covered. so it's a lot of the drains don't work towards the day. >> reporter: while the flood waters finally did recede, this neighborhood is not in the clear. neighbors are worried about tonight, the next high tide around 7:30, 8:00, when the sewers will back up again. this area and others remain under a coastal flood watch until 11 tonight and a surf advisory until tomorrow morning. back to you. steve: a tour bus from queens skidded off an interstate on i-95 in madison, connecticut, this morning, on the way to mohegan sun. dozens are injured. sharon crowley is live in flushing where the bus took off earlier today. >> reporter: yeah. the tour buses, like the one you see behind me, have been rerouted back here to new york city because of the accident.
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it happened in madison, connecticut. about 12:30 today, during a snowstorm, on i-95, the accident happened near exit 61 in madison, connecticut. and fox 61, our affiliate there, said the bus literally just fell on its side. that's the pictures that you're looking at there. now, in total, there were 60 people on that bus. and 30 of them, connecticut state police say were able to walk away. nobody had life-threatening injuries but the hospital is treating at least six people with critical injuries. a number of others were taken to what they call a warming center in madison, connecticut, and the red cross is helping some of those folks. they were picked up in new york city. they were headed to the mohegan sun casino when this accident happened. now, the connecticut state police as well as a number of agencies are trying to reconstruct the accident and figure out how this happened.
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on the roads certainly it could have been very, very slippery. that could have played a factor. we'll know more later. back to you. dari: i'll take it. thank you. new safety regs for cranes now in effect in the city. this after last week's deadly collapse on friday. one man was killed when a 600 foot crane, that one there, crashed on to worth street. the new rules include more sidewalk protection for pedestrians and the creation of a crane safety task force. the mayor's plan requires crews to take special precautions when strong winds are expected. the fine for not complying has been increased to $10,000. >> we're in the middle of a very intense building boom. as i said yesterday, very good for the city, but public safety comes first. dari: officials say it may take weeks before they figure out what caused the crane on worthst
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steve: officer peter liang delivered dramatic testimony about the night he shot and killed akai gurley. the officer took the stand in his own defense. he testified that he did not administer cpr or check his breathing as he lay dying. he called the shooting an accident and said he panicked. his family says they felt little remorse and he's never apologized. they want the jury to find him guilty. the judge wants closing arguments tomorrow. it could go to the jury tomorrow afternoon. dari: major news. derek fisher is out as head coach of the knicks. steve: the losing skid was enough. russ salzberg is here with more on what's behind the decision. russ: steve and dari, was it a surprise? yes. when you stop and think about it, david blatt had the cavaliers in the nba finals last season and had them with the best record in the eastern conference this season at 30 and
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so in the nba, we should never be totally surprised when a coach gets the ax. with the knicks' losing streak at five, giving them nine losses in the last 10 to drop their record, the ax did fall on derek fisher. phil jackson gave the job to fisher, despite him not having any previous coaching experience after a little more than a season and a half. he leaves with a record of 40 and 96. but after their 17 and 65 mark last season, the knicks showed improvement, getting off to a 22 and 22 start with thoughts about possibly even making the playoffs. with the nine losses in the last 10, the thoughts have disappeared. the assistant takes over as head coach for the time being. here's phil jackson on how he came to make the difficult change.
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a team need to do differently? how do we need to coach differently to get what we need get. the brooklyn game, we had a seven point lead in the fourth quarter and lost that lead in the fourth quarter. those are the things that were, to me, standing out that we look-see. you've got to stop people from scoring and make them uncomfortable and do things they don't want to do. they practice doing what they want to do. you've got to make them do things they don't want to do. there's got to be emphasis and the players have to be accountable to make sure that happens on the court. russ: for phil jackson to make this move now, firing a guy who was his guy, that tells me that he just came to the conclusion that derek fisher wasn't the right fit for the job. phil is sending a message that he is here to win and difficult decisions come with the dari: what's interesting about
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he didn't want the job, right? russ: phil? dari: fisher. russ: no. fisher just finished playing. he came with no experience whatever. dari: but he was -- he didn't have any plans. i mean, i thought phil jackson talked him into it because he was his guy. russ: he needed him. if you remember, kerr went to the golden state warriors. steve: that worked out better. dari: today is the first day of the lunar new year. it is the first year all new york city public schools were closed to celebrate the holiday. china ushered in the year of the monkey with a traditional bell ringing ceremony and fireworks in beijing and lots of celebrations around town. steve: chipotle trying to win back customers after numerous food safety scarce. the steps they're taking to show it is safe to eat there again.
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dari: we need to talk business. steve: i was checking the stocks. it was red, red, red, red, red. a bad day. >> reporter: you check stocks on your phone? dari: he dropped a bomb like that.
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it was a really weird day. kind of all over the place. day. not a very good one. the dow was down 400 points, but it bounced back. here's the is closing numbers. the dow lost 177 points. buyers scooped up bargains. today is a classic selloff. gold prices jumped $30 an ounce. when people are worried about the economy and the markets being risky, they look for safety in gold. that's what happened on the markets today. one company that everybody is worried about right now, chipotle. all of its u.s. restaurants were closed today from 11:00 to 3:00 so all employees could be part of a food safety meeting. chipotle's launching a $50 million marketing campaign to win back customers after the food scares. the campaign is going to run through may. they're giving out friends and family cards to offering free
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the company will be launching a web site to deal with food safety. all the money they're spending to repair their image combined with lower sales means chipotle is about going to break even this quarter. stock has lost a third of its value since the scare. >> we've got to talk about the super bowl. there were a lot of financial ads during the game. one in particular had a lot of people talking. check it out. >> you could get a mortgage on your phone and if it could be that easy, wouldn't more people buy homes? >> reporter: in the first super bowl ad ever, quicken loans decided to pimp its rocket mortgage. complete with a magician looking guy, they talk about the benefits of making home buying easier, touting you can push a button and get a mortgage. that had people asking isn't that what led to the housing market collapse and the financial crisis? too many people buying homes
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the ad got a response from the consumer protection bureau saying take your time. know before you owe. i went ape when i saw the ad. i thought it was so irresponsible. the intention was to highlight how they're making the miserable mortgage process easier. that's a good thing. when you're talking about the absolute financial meltdown we saw in 2008, all this ad said was you bet your you know what it can happen again. steve: i've just seen the big short. i was so glad to hear you were doing the story. i had the same reaction. this is crazy. >> reporter: i said you need to see the big short. come on. steve: we're back where we started. thank you very much. >> this has been -- let's talk to nick. we had know. we had the full things. we're not done. nick: speaking of super bowl ads, william dafoe, that was my favorite. that was so good.
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steve: he >> reporter: he's marilyn monroe. nick: classic. let's talk about the weather with the snow across eastern long island today. central park, just a trace as you see on the snowfall total. but five, six inches on the east end. wind whipping up around there and we're done with the accumulating snow in town for now. maybe a little more light snow comes in later and intermittent snow tomorrow into wednesday. that could leave a little accumulation behind. the higher numbers, that will be south of us. 39, 31 today. so pretty average. 61 and minus 7 in the records. 32 now. it's a cloudy sky with a wind that's 8 miles an hour. pressure 29.75 and holding steady. you can see this snow band trying to come in. some light snow over parts of
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county, fairfield, litchfield counties and the banding across eastern long island where temperatures in the upper 30s to 40s for the highs. they've come off these numbers considerably. 37 poughkeepsie. 36 sussex. 39 at belmar. now you can see where we stand around freezing in town. 29 poughkeepsie. we're in the 20s everywhere tonight. watch out for slippery roadways the city eastward where we had the snow. 25 as you get out towards montauk. we're down from 10 to 15 degrees across the area, from 24 hours ago. northeast wind is going to persist. we have another storm developing to the south and east. that will keep that northeast wind going into tomorrow. winter storm warnings for eastern long island. for this current storm, notice south, winter weather advisories to warnings central and southern new jersey, that's for the next storm. and coastal flood warnings continue into tomorrow morning south shore of long island down to the jersey shore. coastal flood advisory on the north shore off to the east end. that does include new york harbor
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while one storm exits, the next system gearing up to the south and west. the day planner will show that's going to be the presentation of light intermittent snow tomorrow. 20s to the lower 30s is the best we'll do. heavier -- higher amounts central and southern new jersey as you watch this system get going. you can see the darker blue, which will slide across southern new jersey. we'll get snow tomorrow night into wednesday morning. again, not too much of that regard. at the end of the week, the coldest air of the season arrives. an inch or two new york city northward to the island. this is with the new system. 2 to 4 inches central new jersey. you get to south jersey, you get 4 to 7 expected there. light snow will come back to the area overnight. 20s the story tomorrow. cloudy and cold. heavier amounts to the south as we stay in the low to middle 30s. wednesday morning still a couple of snow showers. mainly cloudy at 38. a few more snow showers thursday as the arctic air tumbles in. look at the temperatures at the
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friday night, early saturday, another shot at snow. 26 friday. 22 saturday. 5 sunday morning. only back to 19 on sunday. back to 32 on monday. steve: been a long time since we've seen cold like that. nick: last february. steve: it's been a rough go for passengers on a royal caribbean cruise ship. take a look. this is s is out the window. the anthem of the seas left new jersey bound for the caribbean but encountered heavy storms off florida. this is the damage inside the ship. it's now on its way back. dari: linda schmidt in the newsroom with incredible pics on the damage done on board. hi. >> reporter: good evening to both of you. this was an adventure that nobody wanted to experience. they hit up social media. check out the tweets. you can see the damage. this looks like part of the ceiling came crashing through. this one says deck 14 needs some work. check out this one.
5:21 pm
world today. we hit a bad storm on anthem of the seas. so sad. thankful we are alive with an exclamation point. there's this one. heading home after the adventure. take a look at this one. this has video where you can see the waves hitting the window of the cabin. this tweet says when your best friend sends you the video when his cabin window became a washing machine. we actually interviewed somebody who was still on the ship right now. we talked to them via skype. here's what he had to say. video. >> we started forks flying breaking breaking. >> reporter: passengers on board the anthem of the seas cruise ship were at lunch yesterday about 3:30 when the ship hit a powerful storm. >> the ship starts to tilt back and forth.
5:22 pm
we see one of the workers kind of drop everything, and start videotaping the storm. that's when we knew something was off. >> reporter: passengers on the royal caribbean cruise ship posted pictures on social media showing overturned furniture and over damage. he was still on the ship and spoke to us via skype. he says the captain ordered passengers combined to their cabins for their safety. they were dealing with waves 30 feet and higher. >> if you were to go outside the balcony, you can see your reflection in the waves. that's how huge they were. i'm on the 9th deck. >> reporter: the cruise ship was headed to port canaveral and on to the bahamas. he says the storm lasted about 16 hours. the ship turned around and is now heading back to bayonne. royal caribbean says there were not any injuries and the damage to public areas of the ship did not threaten the ship's safety. he says the crew handled the
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>> the captain and the crew and the staff were unbelievable. they were great. the captain and the cruise director would get on the speaker every hour or about every hour to let us know what the situation was, where we were, if the ship was stopping, if the ship was changing its direction. >> reporter: jacob was telling me they're being told the ship should be docking here on wednesday morning. that's when he said the latest word is. as far as royal caribbean, it says anybody on the ship right now -- there's more than 4,000 passengers -- will be getting a full refund for this cruise and a 50 percent deduction on any future cruise they take after that. that's the latest. steve: we'll see if they take them up on that. thank you, linda. dari: with the big game over, it's time to race -- rate the
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steve: and scientists zeroing in on a cause for hair loss as we look at the stress aging put on
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. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. steve: super bowl 50, ratings were down slightly, but the half-time show had its high
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dari: and there were a few standout commercials. mac king runs down the hits and misses. >> welcome to the hyundai kickoff show. >> i never played football. >> reporter: after weeks of speculation, questions, guests, gabbing demonstrations and exhausting pageantry with a full day of more coverage of the same -- >> here for the golden game from the golden state. >> reporter: the best basketball player stood on a football field and beat a giant drum. three time winner tom brady opted not to wear a neck tie. a military choir sang america the beautiful while the production team treated viewers to a montage of fruited plains. god shed his grace on thee >> reporter: the buildup continued with the national
5:28 pm
her -- she crushed it. commences. >> reporter: the game began. hours. peyton peyton manning looked old and tired. >> a meeting of the first and second picks of the 2011. >> reporter: the first half ended. we watched beyonce, without her pants, perform on the stadium's grass. those of us who had been drinking wondered if springsteen might join them on stage. the second half dragged on. that. >> cam newton made faces and so did eli until the game ended
5:29 pm
endless number of golden gate beauty shots. peyton pleased his sponsors. cam walked out of his post-game news conference. the sports fan world plunged into darkness, surrounded by the misery of february, facing a calendar without a meaningful spotting event until the basketball tournament at the end of march. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: synthetic marijuana finding its way into professional sports. why it's gaining popularity with athletes. dari: down to the wire in new hampshire. the last minute pitch candidates
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steve: synthetic marijuana not just a street drug anymore. it's found its way to pro sports and the nfl. dari: duke castiglione explains pro athletes aren't the only ones that have caught on to how it can help beat a drug test. >> reporter: this is what synthetic marijuana, known as spice or k2, looks like. even though it's sold in bodega is, and gas stations, it's illegal but varies from state to
5:33 pm
some of the side effects associated with synthetic marijuana are nasty. elevated blood pressure, hallucinations and death. james hunt is a special agent in charge of the dea in new york. >> it's a misconception. it's not synthetic marijuana. it's synthetic cannabinoid. it's sprayed on a plant so people can smoke it. for the traffickers, they're trying to mimic the effects of marijuana. >> reporter: it's made headlines in the world of sports because last month, according to the boston globe, patriots star chandler jones sought medical attention after allegedly using synthetic marijuana. according to a police report, recently made public, seattle seahawks full back derrick cole man says he used it before being involved in a hit-and-run incident last fall. why would an nfl player with so much at stake risk taking these dangerous drugs?
5:34 pm
bowl with the giants and is a member of the ravens, has a theory. you don't want to speak about any player, but we've seen cases where guys smoke it. why would a player smoke synthetic marijuana? >> i think guys gravitate to that have had positive street drug tests with the national football league. they're trying to avoid another positive test, avoid suspension and a potential fine by using a substitute to give them that high. >> reporter: this doctor, an addictive behavioral psychologist, agrees. >> reporter: you treat a lot of professionals. why would they smoke this? >> to catch a high and not be drug tested. >> reporter: because the chemicals on the drugs are ever changing, they're so hard to effectively test for. that makes them appealing, not only to pro athletes looking to mimic the effects of marijuana
5:35 pm
but anyone looking to get high. 24-year-old rich carlson was a star lacrosse player and now works at the dynamite youth center. he told us why he tried synthetic marijuana. >> when we made it to the national conference championship game when i was a freshman, we were told we were going to be drug tested before we played and we decided to smoke synthetic marijuana so there wouldn't be anything in our system so we wouldn't fail and not be able to play. >> these are dangerous chemicals put together by bathtub chemists. you have no idea if they have any training. you don't know what sanitary conditions the stuff is made in. you're playing russian roulette. >> reporter: the dea emphasized to us and anyone watching the consequences of using synthetic marijuana can be deadly. duke castiglione, fox 5 news. dari: new jersey lawmakers want to make sure the flint water
5:36 pm
garden state or anywhere else. they plan to introduce a bill to help rebuild new jersey and the nation's decaying water systems. some of the pipes date back to before the civil war and are made of lead. flint is currently taking steps to get rid of the dangerous amounts of lead found in their drinking water. >> we are talking about allowing communities easier access to capital to repair badly needed water systems and create jobs in the process. the sustainable water infrastructure act is a modest and necessary investment that can unlock and enormous amount of money to do that. dari: experts say that a water main breaks every two minutes in the united states. steve: in new hampshire, the round. trump is ahead for the republicans. sanders leads for the democrats. his polls in iowa show nothing is a sure bet. we have the preview tonight.
5:37 pm
less than 24 hours. >> if we stand together, we will win. >> reporter: candidates are making the final push across new hampshire today. >> if you're not going to vote okay? >> reporter: let's start with the republicans. all. who is going to win? >> i have absolutely no idea. >> reporter: david birdsell is the dean of baruch college's school of public affairs. new hampshire is the type of state where anything can happen. donald trump seems to be in the best shape going into tomorrow's primary. the billionaire is ahead by double digits in every poll. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25 second speech. >> reporter: marco rubio hopes the rough debate performance won't kill his chances on tuesday. the rest of the gop field is hoping for a surprise. >> there's lots of history in new hampshire about all of you fooling everybody.
5:38 pm
>> we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: hillary clinton is far behind rival bernie sanders if the polls are near accurate. she's going to lose by a fairly wide margin in new hampshire. a lot of people will discount that. if you wanted to tailor make a state for bernie sanders, it would look like new hampshire. >> reporter: this comes amid speculation about another new york city billionaire, former mayor michael bloomberg told the financial times he is, quote, looking at all options when considering entering the 2016 race as an independent. steve: i know. every year, we say this is the craziest ever. it lives up to the hype. >> chemicals leaking into the groundwater at indian point. dari: and unlocking a new clue to hair loss. why some people face baldness sooner than others.
5:39 pm
minute. minute. >> chinatown celebrated the lunar new year with the dragon festival, decorations and fireworks. it's the year of the monkey. people born this year are said to be lively, curious and mischievous. >> we're going to be making valentines for veterans. dari: those homemade valentines were made by third, fourth and fifth graders. >> this is a way for the kids to give back to people who have served in our country. and it's a good cause. >> reporter: this was more than just an art project for kids. >> they love it. they really love it. they love to give back, even though they don't see it firsthand. they love to give back and help those who need it. dari: the nassau county veterans service agency will be making sure these special valentines
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dari: new questions being raised about water quality near the indian point nuclear plant. contamination has leaked into the groundwater under the facility. lidia curanaj with the growing concerns of the people who live near that plant. >> what happens if it gets into the hudson where some new york communities draw their drinking water? >> reporter: that it is the radioactive material tridium that leak into groundwater beneath the indian point power plant in buchanan 40 miles north of new york city. the cause of the leak? a pump failure. >> independent authority has to do an investigation, find out what happened and make sure that indian point takes steps so that will never happen again.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: lucked out because entergy which operates the plant says the elevated levels are more than 1,000 times below federal limits and do not pose a public health risk. >> there is no chance of that contaminating drinking water. this is an issue that's been studied extensively by the federal government, by the state government as well. >> reporter: while governor cuomo said the contamination was contained at the site, he's ordered the environmental conservation and health departments to investigate. >> in all the years indian point has been operating, they've never levels 400 times above radiation safe levels. >> reporter: paul is with riverkeeper. he says the list produced radioactive levels, the highest they have ever been at indian point. >> seven major malfunctions >> reporter: they believe it is
5:43 pm
been in operation for over 40 years and should be shut down until an investigation into its safety is completed. reporting from buchanan, i'm lidia curanaj, fox 5 news. steve: pretty interesting. zika one of several health concerns for olympians to take part in the summer games. dari: organizers weighing in
5:44 pm
steve: a fox 5 health news. hugh jackman has had another skin cancer removed from his nose, the fifth time in four years he's been treated for basil -- basal cell cancer. he shared a photo on social media showing the bandage on his nose. he's urging fans to get regular screenings and to wear sunscreen. he never did growing up. dari: officials are telling those concerned about zika to consider skipping the games this summer in rio. there's a concern that the virus could attack the body's nervous system. steve: joining us, dr. kerry peterson from lennox ox hill hospital. there's lots of concerns about brazil, between the water and the zika. >> it shows how seriously the official olympics committee is taking it.
5:45 pm
reached out to all of the sports federations and said if they don't feel comfortable, they shouldn't go. they're not putting pressure on the athletes to perform. the international olympics committee stated their doctors are vigilantly observing the situation and brazil is taking all efforts to control the mosquito population. be it by spring and hopefully because it is the wintertime for brazil, when the olympics take place, they're hoping the population of mosquitos will diminish in number. dari: makes you wonder how much we don't know about zika. we talk about it attacking the immune system. this is sounding like it's new to us. >> now there's a mention of potential association with the zika virus and guialle barret. it can cause paralysis. it it's usually gets better on its own.
5:46 pm
time brazil reported the outbreaks, there was a seven fold increase in the number of cases. this investigation is looking at whether there's a cause and effect. french polynesia reported an uptick in the number of cases in 2013. it needs to be investigated. what researchers have found is that the people who have been reported to have cases are younger than what we see. usually it's in people in their 60s and 70s. they're seeing in ages 20, 30 and 40 and the cases are more severe. at the six month point, people are better, but some patients who have been impacted are still having neurologic sequela. steve: a new clue to hair loss. aging stem cells in the scalp may be to blame. makes sense. >> we know as we age our hair tends to thin. we weren't clear why. a study is saying it's due to
5:47 pm
the dna is being damaged through sun exposure and chemical exposure. when the cells are damaged, they no longer allow new hair growth. they shrivel up and die. they identified a chemical that can trigger the process. they're hoping by figuring out a way to slow and reverse this process, that we can slow the loss of hair. dari: hear that, nick? nick: can we grow it back? whatever is gone, can they grow it back? >> we don't know yet. nick: i'll be standing by to stand by. dari: meantime, focus on the weather. you've got a lot going on. nick: i will be focusing on the weather. we have a couple of systems we'll watch. i've been advertising since last week be prepared for the end of the week for the coldest air of the season. coldest air in some time to come down into our neighborhood. it's going to be a cold valentine's weekend. upper 30s in the northeast to lower 40s to middle 40s to washington, d.c.
5:48 pm
we have some on fox 5 sky guardian. it's mainly east of the city and up into connecticut. parts of the hudson valley. and extending eastward where we saw heavier snow bands up to a half foot of snow for parts of eastern suffolk county. just about an inch and a half, two inches towards queens. only a trace in central park. so really dependent upon where you were. here's the radar in motion. you can see the bands are setting up and retreating northward as the storm lifts to the north and east. i'm telling you how close we came to getting clobbered with the storm. it stayed further off to the east. we have to watch the next storm. that's off to the south. this will be moving towards the east coast and another storm will be sliding off to the south. we have to watch it because the trends have been that the heavier snow for this one will be south of the city. if it starts lifting further northward, we'll have to watch that closely into tomorrow night. we're going to talk about light snow in the immediate new york city area and across long island into parts of the lower hudson
5:49 pm
higher snowfall totals to the south. at the freezing mark in town. 20s by poughkeepsie and monticello. it's 20s for everybody tonight. if you've been in the snowfall today, maybe the city, new york city city east and northeast, watch out for slippery roads as we head into the 20s tonight. northeast wind around 10 miles an hour. that will continue tomorrow. watch the weather map. there's the monster storm. so close to getting clobbered here. now the next one moving to the south. that will get going along the east coast and move along and produce light snow tomorrow into wednesday morning with maybe some more snow showers on thursday as the arctic air starts tumbling down. look at the highs tomorrow. lower 30s in the city. low to middle 30s. 11 minneapolis. 23 chicago. in the meantime, it's hot in l.a. 89. here's the -- i was going to
5:50 pm
let's look at the snowfall totals. an inch or two. this is wednesday morning. two to four as you move into central new jersey. four to seven south jersey. it's not going to take much with a shift northward for that band to slide further north. we'll watch that closely tomorrow. futurecast shows that all stays to the south. we'll keep an eye on that and see how that translates into tomorrow's forecast. light snow overnight our snow showers. lower 20s in the suburbs. periods of light snow. 33 and snow showers will last into wednesday at 38. a couple more snow showers as the arctic air arrives. another system may clip us friday night, saturday morning. saturday, 22. 18 in the morning. how about sunday, 5 in the city. below 0 in the suburbs. stopping at 19 in the afternoon. huddle and cuddle valentine's
5:51 pm
steve: good weekend for indoor. dari: going up north. can't imagine what it's going to be like. nick: i am, too. dari: i knew you were. these photographs captured images of poverty in new york at the turn of the century. steve: now an exhibit of the iconic work has opened in harlem. zachary brings us a preview. >> reporter: thousands of volunteers will hit the streets of new york city today and they'll count the homeless. the goal is to gain a better understanding of need, of poverty in the city. over 100 years ago, jacob reece used his lens to put a face on the issue. the government houses at 80 avenue d in manhattan were named after him. for more of his story, there's an exhibit revealing new york's other half at museum of the city of new york designed to give new yorkers a fuller pictures of who he is. the guest curator: >> he changed from being a reporter to being advocate and
5:52 pm
to really change the dialogue in america about urban poverty, immigration. >> reporter: bonnie says he was a man ahead of his time. newspapers weren't printing photos. his contributions as a photographer weren't well known until the '40s after his death. how the other half lives was his first book. children of the poor focused on the youngsters. tonight at 10:00, more on reese, his life as reporter and advocate. reporting in manhattan, zachary keisch, fox 5 news. steve: interesting. dari: we'll see you with more at 10:00. steve: here's ernie with what's coming up at 6:00. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll have the very latest on our wintry weather. get ready for more snow in the forecast. tonight we'reoong at politics from a little different perspective. young voters. i'll have two special guests live in the studio. it's an eye opening look at what young people like and hate about the presidential race.
5:53 pm
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: monday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us. and let's start with what everybody is talking about, our weather. once again, parts of the area are dealing with one-two punch of winter weather at the worst possible time. parts of the problem right now is the snow, which has hit long island the hardest. this is video from suffolk county earlier today. then there's the flooding. this is far rockaway queens. strong winds and the storm surge hit at high tide. nick gregory is standing by with the latest. nick: we have a little more snow coming our way in the form of snow showers. look at the totals out east when
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